Everyone has a purpose in life to fulfil, but discovering it has been the challenges of some while where it can be fulfilled has always be the headache of many. Discovering a Perfect location for a divine purpose for your life is everything you need for a quick and greater success in life.

There isn’t anyone who should never have been born. No matter who you are or what family you were born into or whether or not you were born with a disease or not. Everyone will help the world by existing, in one way or another.
Everyone who is born into this world is born with a purpose to help the world, in one way or another. And finding that purpose is what life is all about. So don’t be sad. (Korea movie, mirror of the witches)

You’re not here by chance

Your been in this world is not by accident, mistake or your own choice. The people in your life are not by mistake, your parent, your brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts,your place of birth, state of origin and continent. Your race, color, gender etc. Were all determined without your knowledge or consent. So, your existence in this world is not by chance, but for a divine purpose

Because your been here is divinely arranged to achieve something only you can accomplish.

Why I’m I here in the world without my permission?

Great question. The creator has reasons for not given you and I a choice to chose where to belong or when to come. I’m sure many of us wouldn’t have chosen where we are or certain things in our life or environment if given the privilege to chose. And where we are right now is where we are designed to be, a perfect location for a purpose.

Do you ever ask yourself any of the why following questions?

Why I’m I born into this world?
Why I’m I a male or female?
Why I’m I born into this family?
Why are my parents poor?
Why are my parents not influential like others?
Why I’m I encircled by people who can not assist me?
Why do I have this color?
Whenever this questions crosses your mind, remember this: you’re here for a purpose.

“I truly believe that everything that we do and everyone that we meet is put in our path for a purpose. There are no accidents; we’re all teachers- if we’re willing to pay attention to the lessons we learn, trust our positive instincts and not be afraid to take risks or wait for some miracle to come knocking at our door.” Marla Gibbs.

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Our God is a God of orderliness and perfection. He arranged and placed everything He made in a perfect place a goal. He never make mistake or do anything without reason(s).

Where you are right now is perfect location for a divine purpose to be accomplish. That environment is the best environment to make impact, those people around you are the people the creator want you to help in one way or another. Those parents of yours are the best parents in the world. You are in a perfect location where God want you to be. All you need to do, is to strive and discover the divine plan and prearrangement He has for you.


Not all of us are in a perfect location where destiny can be fulfilled. Many are in a wrong place with the need to locate the perfect environment where they can make great impact. Many today are in perfect location to fulfil destiny, but want to leave where they’re because of the people around them, the situation of things, what they considered lack of opportunities, unemployment, setback, failure, discouragement, harassment, discrimination, disappointment of various types etc. All the aforementioned are storms of life and with Christ, your own storms of life can be stilled.

Remember: “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” Warren Buffett

That good place where everything is considered to be ok, someone, some people made it possible.

What’s your knowledge about your environment?

Environment is everything that is around us. It can be living or non-living things. Which means environment is everything that exist around us.


Take time and study your environment

Some people complain about their environment lack of this lack of that, without taking their time in studying the environment they complaint about. They don’t see anything positive, they always see from the negative. Why? They live on other negative individuals assessment and perspectives. They are too busy doing nothing to carryout personal environmental assessments.

Studying your environment gives you the in depth knowledge and understanding of your location. Comprehensive understanding of where you’re, allows you to strive for success without any limitation. It allows you to improve yourself and the environment. Remember, any improvement on your location is also an iimprovement to your life and life of others around you.

Be a good friend of your environment

Your environment have great influence on how you live your life. Your interaction with the location you are determines to a large extent your level of success and failures in life. If you’re friendly with the existence around you, you have the benefit, and if you’re not, you also have the otherwise. Been friendly with your location promote your love for the place. And loving your environment made you see things around you positively.

Be positive of your location

Been positive about something, someone, place etc. Brings out the best in you and motivate you towards your purpose in life. It improves you and makes you believe in possibility. It motivate you to keeps going even when others could no longer move.

Seen your location positively is key to enjoyment and comfort. When you see negatively, you have discomfort, discouragement, bad thoughts and other things that hinder your success and purpose accomplishments.

Let’s quickly look at motivation

“With strong motivation, you will feel energetic, focused, and happy. You’ll have a strong sense of direction and purpose, as well as a feeling that you’re moving towards your ideal future at a pretty good clip. When obstacles get in your way, you will cheerfully find ways to remove them or steer around them”. James Adler,

What is motivation? Motivation is an individual’s urge, desire, tendency or striving to achieve a goal or fulfill certain needs. It serves as a directing force which determines the level of activity toward goal attainment or satisfaction of wants, needs or desires.

Can you now see how been positive will help you achieve in life. When you’re not positive, you have no trust and having no believe leads to failure.

Hope you’re still with me on the topic: perfect location for a divine purpose?

This topic will be incomplete without looking at the meaning of purpose. Are you still struggling to find out what’s your purpose in life? Why were you born into this world? Are you still in a state of confusion concerning your environmental purpose? If yes, let me work you through the meaning of purpose.

What is purpose?

Purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or which something exists. To me I see man’s purpose as a definite assignment for his existence. The major reason (s) why you and I were created or born into this world.

Learn to discover your purpose

You see, God created us for a purpose . He has a divine reason for creating you and I.

Hope you’re still with me on the topic: perfect location for a divine purpose? If yes, the question you should ask yourself now is:

Do I know my purpose?
What’s my purpose on earth?
What I’m I created for?
Does my purpose in life have anything to do with my location?

Why do I need this questions?

The reason for asking yourself those questions is to know whether you really have purpose, or just existing without any meaningful reasons. Let me tell you these, it’s not everyone that has purpose. If you ask some people why they go into a particular business, they don’t know neither do they have any definite purpose for starting the business. They only ventured into it because others are doing it.
Mind you this is not only applicable to business alone, it applied to all aspect of life.

Don’t live a wasteful life

Some are in this world doing others business. Living a wasteful life. Helping others fulfilling their divine purpose in life, working hard for friends, brothers and sisters………… to fulfil their own destiny at the detriment of their God given purpose in life.

When you don’t know your purpose for life, you don’t know why you were born into this world, you don’t know the creator aims for your life. How, I mean how will you know the reason for been where you’re? How will you discover your environmental purpose in life? How will you know the divine assignment being given to you to carryout where you’re? How will you know whether you’re in the perfect location or not? How will you be able to make meaningful impacts and fulfil destiny in your creator given location?

finding your reasons for been here on earth is fundamental to discovering your environmental purpose. It is when your aim in life has being found, that you can discover your environmental purpose and an accurate place for your divine goals in life.
It is then you can deside whether stay or relocate to another location.

Purpose is an important thing that everyone must discover to attain a better future and also live a meaningful life. A life without purpose is a life that cannot fulfill destiny

Now let me ask you, what’s your purpose in life? Do you have any at all what’s your answer? Do you any answer to the questions I just asked

Take note: If your answer(s) to the above questions does not agreed with the fact that our major purpose in life is to help others , you need more brainstorming.

Now that you know what purpose is and it importance, let’s me tell you this short story:


Story, story: story
Once upon a time: time time

There was a very popular magician called Jov. Mr Jov was highly respected and famous for is apellcraft to the extent of commanding the attention of everyone including those in high authority. He is an obedient man who always obeyed the voice of the one who gave him the magical power.

The news is everywhere

The news of Jov healing power spread like fire to everywhere. This news cut the attention of the Chief of defence staff of one of the neighboring kingdoms who had a life threatening disease capable of killing him anytime. He had tried many sorcerers without success. This information made this warlord contacted the emperor of his kingdom to assist him diplomatically in contacting the king of kingdom where the magician lived. Due to the good diplomatic relationship between the two kingdoms, it was easy to communicate the information to this powerful magician through his king was informed of a very important personality coming for his help.

The arriver of the warlord

The great general arrived the neighboring kingdom and was accorded warm reception by the kingdom. He was later taken to the place of the powerful magician.

Arriving there, the great sorcerer sent some of his junior sorcerers to welcome him and to convey his message to him.

Unexpected and big disappointment

The warlord was informed that the great magician asked him to roll up and down on the floor for seven times outside the building in the presence of all that followed him to the kingdom. And he will be healed completely.

On hearing this, the warlord was highly disappointed and angry. He considered the massage humiliating, insulting and disrespectful to his personality.


In apparent anger, he ordered his men to leave immediately.He would go black home.

But one of his assistant tried hard and convinced him to give the instruction a trial. Reluctantly, he called everyone that followed him to come around. They sat down watching as he started rolling on the floor.


He reluctantly started rolling on floor and amazingly, he was completely healed from the life threatening disease. This boost the relationship between the between the two kingdom.

Do you like the story? Well, I have just told you the story of prophet Elisha, Gehazi, the servant and General Naaman of Syria. I only recaptured for your pleasure, read from your Bible 2 King 5:1-27.

Hope you’re not carried away with the story you just read? Do you still remember the topic? In case you’ve forgotten, let me remained you: the topic is still perfect location for a divine purpose.

Story Analysis

Back to the story. Let me analyze the location and purpose in the story for more understanding.

Who did you think that girl been captured is?
Who did you think those servant who persuaded Naaman were?
Did you see them as ordinary servants?

Let look at it this way! The young girl been captured in the story is an angle sent to Naaman to inform him of Elisha the great prophet of God.

What of the servants? Do you see them as just an ordinary servants? If you think they’re, I will tell you they’re not.

They were God sent to perfect and make the healing of Naaman a reality. They were there to ensure peace and good relationship between Israel and Syria.

Possibility of war

If Naaman had returned to Syria with the hanger in him, it may had probably lead to war between the two countries, resulting in lost of life’s and properties.

Did you just say Elisha would had called on God to kill Naaman? It’s possible. But take note, if Naaman had died in the process with his status as a great warrior who had conquered many war. What do you think would happened to Syria? Do you see the possibility of those conquered countries declaring war against Syria and taking the people in to captive?

Breaking down of relationship

The good relationship between Israel and Syria would have been broken as a result of his decision.

Gahazi greediness and unfaithfulness

unfaithfulness and greediness of Gahazi wouldn’t have been exposed.


God has reasons for all His actions and always get things done the right way. Finding a perfect location for your divine purpose is the key to you success in life.

Nelson Mandela had the purpose of emancipating non-whites in South Africa. It was this purpose that gave his life meaning. Paulo Braga,

Perfect place for a divine purpose is a location for destiny fulfilment.


  1. Thank you for this write up. Everyone need to identify a place where his/her life can be of great benefit to others. Like you said in your first quote find the purpose and location for the purpose is what we need. I’m here in your site for the first time and I really love your articles. Keep it up.

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